There are millions of features that make us different one from each other. These differences enrich the world. Being different means being special, that is unique.

nutella is unique and celebrates the uniqueness of its consumers with special limited edition jars.

The official Nutella® Unique Personality Quiz

Which Nutella® Unique Jar design suits your personality? There are one million Nutella® jar designs to choose, we’ll reveal what type of jar you should buy that suits your personality.

What do you feel is your best quality?

  • a I’m bright and bubbly
  • b I’m exceptionally honest
  • c I always make people laugh
  • d I’ll always share my Nutella® with others

Who is a male celebrity you most admire?

  • a David Beckham
  • b Chris Hemwsorth
  • c Harry Styles
  • d Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Who is a female celebrity you most admire?

  • a Jennifer Lawrence
  • b Beyonce
  • c Anne Hathaway
  • d Lorde

When you see someone slightly trip walking down the street, do you?

  • a Giggle and laugh, then feel bad
  • b Laugh hysterically and keep walking
  • c Rush over and help straight away
  • d Call an ambulance!!

Pick a colour that suits your unique personality

  • a Red
  • b Blue
  • c Pink
  • d Yellow

Your friends are coming over to chill. What series do you choose?

  • a Friends
  • b The Handmaids Tale
  • c Daredevil
  • d Orange Is The New Black

My perfect day off would be

  • a Eating Nutella® on a picnic rug with a hotty
  • b A Nutella® pancake cooking class
  • c Horse-riding through the forest
  • d Dinner, movies and Nutella® crepes for dessert

Which drink suits you?

  • a Energy Drink
  • b Sparkling water
  • c Flat white
  • d An espresso

I like to eat Nutella®...

  • a On pancakes
  • b On crumpets
  • c On raisin toast
  • d On porridge